Kaise Kaise Rishte

Released On - 05 Nov 1993     2hr 13min

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Kaise Kaise Rishte
Indian Film History

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A boy has had a difficult childhood as he has been constantly neglected due to his parents spending more time in making money. He is not given enough love and care and turns out to be lonely and depressed. One day the boy sees another child who has been neglected by his parents and feels sorry for his plight. He brings the child home and suddenly things begin to change around the house. The mother notices that she is making more money than before and starts to pay attention to the two boys. She now considers the other child her lucky mascot and uses him for her selfish motives.


The film is directed by AkashMehra and produced by Mohindar Singh. The music is composed by Nadeem Shravan. The star cast includes Shahbaaz Khan, Ayesha Julka, Kiran Kumar,Shakti Kapoor, Sanam, Rohini Hattangadi and Jamuna.