Released On - 04 Jan 1981     2hr 31min

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Sharda comes from a wealthy household and is brought up by her rich widower father Ranvir Singh. Unfortunately she falls in love with a poor guy named Jaichand. When her father opposes their union, the couple elope and get married. Sadly Jaichand passes away leaving a pregnant Sharda to give birth to their son Kanhaiyaa. When the boy turns 9 years old, an ailing Sharda too breaths her last. The boy has no option but to
go live in an orphanage run by a cruel couple who torture, beat and starve the orphans living there. Kanhaiyaa escapes the orphanage and unfortunately goes right into the crutches of Madhav and Rahim in Bombay, who train orphans to be petty thieves. Kanhaiyaa learns the ropes but one day meets with his grandfather who realizes who he is and takes him home. Things turn nasty when Madhav nabs him again. The film is directed by Khalid Sami and produced by Sam Sugnu and N Jethwani. The music is composed by Basu Manohari. The star cast includes Naseeruddin Shah, Farida Jalal, Asha Sachdev, Amjad Khan, Dev Kumar and Raju.