Released On - 30 Sep 2005    

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Amar, works in a hospital and cares for the sick and dying. He meets and falls in love with the beautiful Anjali. Soon one of Amar’s patients who is an old lady wakes up from her coma. She learns that her son is trying to change her will in his own name to be the sole beneficiary. Sad at the turn of events she names Amar as the sole beneficiary and dies. He at first refuses the money but on Anjali’s insistence takes it. Amar and Anjali soon get married and life is blissful until Anjali has a starnge request. She asks Amar to transfer all the money in her name, which Amar gladly does as he loves her a lot. But once that is done, Anjali starts to behave differently.


Anjali soon puts false domestic abuse charges on Amar to get rid of him. He pleads with her to take him back but she bluntly refuses and goes away with all his money. Amar is jailed as a result of her accusations. Once released after a months, he starts working for a notorious don and soon becomes a criminal himself. He gets rich again. Still being in love with Anjali, he tries desperately to contact her. She again humiliates him and plots to kill him. She thinks she has succeeded and gets arrested by the cops. In jail, much to Anjali’s shock Amar comes to visit her and tells her that this was to teach her a lesson and she will be only person to know that Amar is alive.


The movie is wriiten and directed by Rajiv Babbar. The movie stars Lucky Ali, Meera, Puneet Issar, Mukesh Tiwari and Nandini Jumani.