Lal Salaam

Released On - 03 May 2002     2hr 11min

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Lal Salaam
Indian Film History


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Unable to pay hefty bribed to corrupt officers, a bunch of youth have resorted to violence to have their way. This has resulted in riots and police brutality among the youth. Police is now under immense pressure to find the perpetrators responsible for the riots and violence. Thus youth are randomly arrested and tortured to reveal the truth. This causes even more unrest and confusion among the people and community at large. Unable to stop the police brutality, the community forms a group of armed rebels and call themselves the Naxalites.


Meanwhile Dr. Kanna, who is well educated, leaves for his further studies. His brother Ghisu who is a militant is left behind. When Dr. Kanna comes back, he is shocked to see that everything has changed and people are afraid of the police brutality as well as the anger of the Naxalities. To his utter dismay, his brother Ghisu has also joined the naxalities.


The movies is directed by Gaganvihari Borate and produced by Sanjiv Karambelkar. The music is composed by Hridaynath Mangeshkar. The cinematography is by Debu Deodhar. The choreography is by Jojo Khan and Narendra Pandit.