Released On - 25 May 2012     1hr 47min

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Set in Goa, Savio Monteiro, played by Ash Chandler is trying hard to make ends meet by working at an underwear company. His wife Annie, played by Shernaz Patel has her own restaurant and is working hard to keep it afloat. The couple has a 8 years gap where Annie is the older one. Since they had unsuccessfully tried to have their own child, they decided to adopt a daughter and name her Ruth. Savio is forever trying to keep his job by inventing strange but unique ideas like edible underwear in Goan flavors.


Ruth meanwhile, is going through her own identity crisis where she feels lost most of the times and others just disinterested in her parents matters. She starts dating a Tibetan boy who even helps out in Annie’s kitchen when there isn’t enough help around. All seems to be going just normal in the Monteiro family when a shocking news breaks in the house. Annie is pregnant and Savio is surprised and shocked at the same time. Annie is overjoyed at finally having her very own child after so many years. The film runs into emotional and humorous stages.


The movie is written and directed by Sandeep Mohan and produced by Giju John and Kamal Shah. The cinematography is by Binendra Menon. The music is composed by Vivek Philip.