Released On - 07 Aug 2005     2hr 0min

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In a village in Bihar, girls are considered a curse and a burden, thus they are killed after birth in a public ceremony. As a result of this ritual, the village now has a large population of men and no women of their age. There are only a few elderly women left. The young men are desperate to have wives and women to copulate with, thus there is a public screening of imported pornographic videos for all the men to see. They also get involved in human trafficking, performances by cross-dressers and even bestiality.


A wealthy man Ramcharan, learns of a girl Kalki, played by Tulip Joshi, in a far away village and buys her from her father for a huge some of money. He then marries her off to all her five sons. She has to sleep with each one of them each night of the week, including Ramcharan. The youngest son treats Kalki with respect and thus she becomes fond of him. The jealous brothers notice this and kill him. The servant boy who tries to help her escape is also brutally murdered. Her father refuses to help her due to the huge dowry paid by Ramcharan. Evetually Kalki becomes pregnant and the entire village rejoices as each of them claim paternity. She gives birth to a girl after 9 months.


The movie is written and directed by Manish Jha and produced by Patrick Sobelman, Punkej Kharbanda. The music is composed by Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant.