Mazaa Mazaa

Released On - 15 Jul 2005     2hr 30min


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Jassi, is a 15 year old rolly polly teen who is awkward and teased and mocked by others in her school for her appearance. Jassie wears specs and has very simple looks. Monica, is the school’s prettiest girl and hated by Jassi. Monica has many times insulted Jassi and she couldn’t fight back with her. Jassie wants her predicament to end and wishes that she were much older so that she wouldn’t have to endure so much torture. Miraculously her wish comes true and the next day she wakes up in the body of a 25 year old attractive version of herself.


Monica too has grown and becomes even more pretty and so does Jassi’s only friend Rocky. They all get jobs at top companies. Jassi starts working with a fashion company and Monica becomes a top model. Together they are out to destroy the people who want to use women only as an object.


The movie is directed by T L V Prasad and produced by Ramesh K Doshi. The music is composed by Arun Daga and the screenplay is written by T Swarupa. The cinematography is by Shankar Naidu and the choreography is by Sudhakar Vasanh.