Miss Lovely

Released On - 17 Jan 2014     1hr 53min

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Miss Lovely
Indian Film History

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Sonu Duggal, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vicky Duggal, played by Anil George are brothers who have been into film making for many years. The only problem is, the films they make are highly controversial i.e semi-pornographic. They shoot love making scenes and sell it to other directors and producers for inclusion in their movies. Vicky shoots the movies and Sonu goes out to sell them.


Sonu and Vicky’s business thus, requires many starlets and young girls who are ready to expose as well as enact raunchy love making scenes. One such girl with the name Pinky, played by Niharika Singh approaches Sonu one day while he’s busy with work. She tells him that its her dream to work in movies made by the Duggal brothers. At first he thinks she’s being too naïve, but seeing her interest and knowledge level about their work intrigues him further.


Sonu thus, promises her a role in one of his movies and also confirms he will direct it himself. Sonu and pinky begin to fall in love, he with her beauty and charm and her with her dreams of becoming famous. Just before Sonu is to begin shooting his movie with Pinky, Vicky takes one look at her and instantly recognizes her. He gets a unsettling feeling and realizes he has met her before but with the name Sonika, for the same reason of making a movie.


The movie is directed by Ashim Ahluwalia  and produced by Shumona Goel. The music is composed by Nazia Hassan.