Released On - 25 Jun 1971     2hr 6min
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Title Singer Rating
1 Chale Ladhkhadaake Asha Bhosle 3 Lyrics 4 : 23
2 Jis Din Se Maine Tumhe Dekha Hai Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi 3 Lyrics 5 : 1
3 O Jameela Chhammak Chhallo Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi 4 Lyrics 4 : 6
4 Piya Ki Gali Asha Bhosle, Parveen Sultana 3 Lyrics 6 : 15
5 Simti Si Sharmaayi Si Kishore Kumar 3 Lyrics 4 : 6
6 Yun Na Sharma Kishore Kumar, Mohammed Rafi 3 Lyrics 5 : 35
7 Are Hansnewalon Mohammed Rafi 4 Lyrics 4 : 2



Parwana is a psychological thriller film directed by Jyoti Swaroop, starring Amitabh Bachchan in a negative role, Navin Nischol, Yogita Bali in the protagonist roles.   Released on 25th of June 1971.

Kumar Sen (Amitabh Bachchan) is an artist, painter and sculptor who is a sensitive introvert. He is infatuated by Asha Verma (Yogita Bali) who is the daughter of Ashok Verma (Om Prakash). She wins a trip to Ooty for a dance competition and meets a rich tea estate planter Rajesh (Navin Nischol), falls in love with him. Kumar comes to know and goes to her father with a marriage proposal which is refused so he makes plans to kill him, leaving no proof of suspicion so gets Rajesh into this and he gets life imprisonment for no fault of his and Asha pleads with Kumar that she will stay with him forever provided he gets Rajesh free.

Kumar realises that both of them love each other too much so decides to write his confession about his modus operandi on a paper and gives It to Rajesh and commits suicide.