Released On - 12 Sep 2019     2hr 20min

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Krishna, played by Sudeep, has been brought up in a humble home where he had to struggle for every little thing in life. Dealing with oppression and injustice from a very early age has made Kiccha tough and has given him a fighting spirit. He has always been drawn towards sports and one sport in particular that has been his top favorites is wrestling. He trains hard to be the best and isn’t afraid to work hard to achieve his goals and is mentored by Sarkar, played bySuniel Shetty.  Krishana emerges as a new ray of hope for the down trodden and poor villagers.


Krishna now has to choose his battles wisely. Weather it is the battle in the ring or the battle against the corrupt politicians, Krishna will have to make some tough choices in his life. The movie is directed by S. Krishna and produced by Swapna Krishna. The star cast includes Aakanksha Singh, Kabir Duhan Singh and Sharath Lohitashwa. The music is composed by Arjun Janya and cinematography is by Karunakara A. The film is edited by Ruben.

Website Name Rating Out Of Critic Name Review Link
Times Of India 2.5 5 Pallabi Dey Purkayastha Click Here
Pune Mirror 3.5 5 Shyam Prasad S Click Here
Mirchi 9 2.5 5 Siddartha Toleti Click Here
Mirchi 9 2.5 5 Siddartha Toleti Click Here
Filmibeat 3.5 5 Filmibeat Click Here