Police Wala

Released On - 01 Aug 1993     2hr 12min
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Rakesh is an honest and brave police inspector. He will not tolerate crime and criminals and thus comes in the way of a notorious mafia boss, who kills Rakesh. His son Jimmy swears revenge for his father’s death and grows up to be a brave police officer himself. He works as a undercover cop in plain clothes and infiltrates into criminal gangs, passing on important information to the department. Three of the top mafia bosses had killed Jimmy’s father and two of them are arrested but the third one is aware of who jimmy is and that he is an undercover cop.


The film is directed by Sikander Bhartee and produced by Sandeep Kumat. The music is composed by Bappi Lahiri and the cinematography is by Sushil Chopra. The star cast includes Chunkey Pandey, Sonam, Kiran Kumar,Shakti Kapoor,Parikshit Sahni,Vinod Mehra,Om Shivpuri,Tej Sapru,Arun Bakshi,Gurbachan,Rahul Choudhary,Mac Mohan,Shiv Sunder, Amjad Khan,Ishrat Ali, Anjana Mumtaz and Bandini Mishra.