Released On - 05 Jul 2013     2hr 21min

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Title Singer Rating
1 Policegiri (Title Track) Aman Trikha, Rajdeep Chatterjee 4 Lyrics 4 : 49
2 Jhoom Barabar Jhoom Shabab Sabri 4 Lyrics 4 : 49
3 Tirat Meri Tu Shabab Sabri 5 Lyrics 5 : 2
4 Chura Ke Leja Yashraj Kapil, Palak Muchhal 5 Lyrics 3 : 59
5 Robinhood Meet Bros Anjjan 4 Lyrics 4 : 48


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Rudra, played by Sanjay Dutt gets hired by a mafia don on a mission to kill a prominent minister. He in turn goes all out and kills the mafia and all his men instead and revelas himself as the new DCP who was undercover. The town is terrorized by Nagori, played by Prakash Raj, who is a local gangster. Rudra tells him that he is corrupt and takes bribes only if the other party accepts certain conditions. Nagori aceepts and they make truce.


After receiving several complains about a petrol bunk where less petrol is given and anyone who questions it is severely beaten, Rudra takes matters into his own hands. Turns out the bunk is run by Nagori and he beats up his henchmen, thus a war ensues between the two. Nagori then creates riots and a bandh in the market place. On the day of Rudra’s wedding to Seher, played by Prachi Desai, there is bomb explosion in the market place killing several people.


Rudra then receives his transfer orders in seven days and says it is enough time to destroy Nagori. Later Nagori hatches a plan to kill Rudra but his plan fails as the police team is ready for them and kills many of his men. Nagori, then presumably goes into hiding but Rudra spots him as a beggar and kills him by burning him, thus his body too is never found.


The movie is directed by K. S Ravikumar and produced by T.P. Aggarwal and Rahul Aggarwal. The music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya and Meet Bros.