Released On - 31 Oct 2014     2hr 3min

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Uday, goes into the renowned wilderness of the Sundarbans for a photojournalistic assignment. He gets some impressive pictures and is almost done with the job when he finds a white tiger cub in the poachers trap and rescues it. Not knowing what to do, Uday takes the cub into the shed he is living in, in the village. Seeing the cub the villagers panic and fear the lioness will come to claim her cub.


Sensing the tension amongst the villagers, the forest warden decides to take the cub away to a safe place. By night the lioness is desperately looking for her cub and reaches Uday’s hut but unable to locate her cub she gets furious and kills Uday in a deadly attack and takes his body with him.


Uday’s brother Pandit who is the captain of a commando team, comes to the village to claim his brother’s body with the help of the warden. But she refuses to help him saying that the village is too dangerous to look out extensively for Uday’s body. Pandit decides to do something about it himself. He assigns his team to form a search party along with a local guide called Madhu and another tracker Jhumpa. All of them start the dangerous and risky search in the dense forest to kill the white tigress.

Roar is directed by Kamal Sadanah and produced by Abis Rizvi. The music is composed by Ramona Arena.