Run Kalyani

Released On - 02 Sep 2022     2hr 10min

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Run Kalyani
Indian Film History

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A tenderly bewildering make a big appearance highlight fiction from Geetha J. A wonderful and realist show approximately obligations, dreams and wants that draws you into the world of Kalyani. Kalyani may be a youthful cook who lives with her sickly close relative and a youthful man in a rundown agraharam in Trivandrum. Each day is the same as she carries on with her life of obligation as a cook and carer. But each day isn't the same as well. As the sentiment of verse lights a enthusiasm, as the stories of other universes mixes a crave, as sharks near in and passing draws close, Run Kalyani builds into an seriously crescendo of pain and coarseness, distress and quality.