Saali Poori Gharwali

Released On - 01 Jan 2000     2hr 5min

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Kamlesh gets married to Kanchan and his life becomes blissful. But soon he starts to realize that his wife is soon losing interest in intimacy with him and this makes Kamlesh lonely and frustrated. He has tried every possible way to woo Kanchan so she might get into the mood, but nothing seems to get her interest back. However Kanchan’s sister comes to stay over at their place for a few days. Things start changing in their lives dramatically as Kamlesh seems to have gotten attracted to his sister-in-law.


Meanwhile Kanchan’s father who has also come along to stay seems to have designs on the house maid next door. He loses control of himself and even starts to visit many red light areas with a neighbor. The movie is directed and produced by Yogendra Konkar. The star cast of the movie includes Yogendra Konkar, Hitesh Sampat, Ajay Shah, Jaydevi, Satish Shah, Shakila and Anamika. The music is composed by Satish Naik.