Released On - 01 Jan 2003     2hr 7min

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Sarbari could be a social show that tells the candidly moving story of Sarbari who is tried by destiny. The motion picture maps out the life of Sarbari and a arrangement of sad occasions that she is subjected to. She is to begin with deceived into accepting that her spouse Jayanto is dead and her child is taken absent and she is told that he is no more. Nearly insane with pity and torment, she is sedated and sent off in a shady are to gotten to be a prostitute and runner. All these fiendish plots are orchestrated by her claim uncle whom she sots and murders afterward. Sentenced to jail, Sarbari leads a pitiful life. In a turn of occasions, Haru tell Jayanto the complete conspire and afterward, he is rejoined with his child Kaushik, after Sarbari is set free, and Kaushik has presently developed up to be a corrections officer, parented by great individuals. The movie portrays the great and awful side of man, the limits of off-base doing which fiendish never pays.