Released On - 08 Apr 1981     2hr 15min

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Indian Film History
Indian Film History
Indian Film History

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Inder is a hard working and dedicated employee of a reputed
organization. His promotion is on its way to a higher post and
his boss is so impressed with him that he wants Inder to marry
his daughter Anita Kohli. The marriage date is fixed and her
father even meets with Inder’s mother to finalize things.
Things however don go as planned as during a celebration
Inder gets quite drunk and randomly promises to marry an
orphan girl named Sharda. She is bewildered but accepts. Later
when Inder sobers down he comes to know about his drunken
stupor and accepts Sharda. Inder’s mom is however furious at
his behavior and wants him to marry Anita at any cost, even if
it means to eliminate Sharda.

The film is directed by Lek Tondon and produced by K K
Talwar. The music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The
star cast includes Jeetendra, Dina Pathak, Rameshwari, Sarika,
Madan Puri, Jagdeep, Om Prakash and Kalpana Iyer.