Released On - 30 Sep 2005     2hr 18min


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Dr. Vishwas, played by Sonu Sood, while driving past, comes across an accident victim on the road, Javed, played by Sachin Khedekar. Sachin is the editor of the newspaper Inquilaab and also the Chair of the inquiry commission on the religious riots that took place. Vishwas treats him mediaclly and helps him recuperate. He then drives to his residence to drop him home safe and sound. There he meets Javed’s wife Ayesha, played by Neha Dhupia. He is greeted warmly and everything seems normal. However, while driving back home, Dr. Vishwas notices that Javed has forgotten some papers in his car. Assuming they might be important he turns right away to give him back the papers.


On reaching his house, Dr. Vishwas realizes what a bug mistake he made by going back to Javed’s house. He is not welcomed anymore but instead taken hostage at gun point by Ayesha. She also doubts her husband Javed of having an affair with a woman called Madhu. The mystery gets more strange when, Ayesha also is of the belief that she was sexually molested by Vishwas 14 times. The movie is directed by Ashwini Chaudhary and produced by Guddu Dhanoa, Sunil Saini and Deepak Sharma. The music is composed by Lalit Sen, Sameer and Sanjeev.