Released On - 30 Sep 2011     2hr 12min

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Raunak, played by Rajeev Khandelwal, lives and breathes music, as he has inherited the same passion for music from his father. He moves to Mumbai to make all his dreams of becoming a successful musician and DJ come true. He beings by playing as a DJ at his uncle’s night club called ‘Tango Charlie’. He then aspires to start his own studio and produce his very own music. He however, picks up some wrong career damaging habits of smoking, drinking and doing drugs. He also starts dating a girl called Shonali, played by Mrinalini Sharma.


Raunak’s hearing meanwhile deteriorates but he carries on without paying much heed to it. Things get too bad one day when he cannot hear during a Gig and in frustration he throws the turntable with all the musical equipment on the floor. That gets him fired from his job. He sees a doctor who tells him that he cannot hear completely from one ear and the other ear has only 30% sound left. He goes to the studio to tell his friends who in frustration smashes the guitar into a speaker maximizing its sound and leaving Raunak permanently deaf.


He goes into depression and relies heavily on drugs. Later he goes to an instructor called Gauri, played by Soha Ali Khan, to learn lip reading. The both get close and he confides in her. She helps him recognize sound through visual methods. Raunak is inspired by this method of perceiving sounds and makes his own album and gives to the club owner who then uses his disability to promote the album and it becomes a success. Gauri and Raunak disappear from the scene totally and are now happily married with a child. The movie is directed by Neerav Ghosh and produced by Sanjiv Goenka and Apurv Nagpal. The music is composed by Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale.