Released On - 01 Jan 1982    

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Dev Kumar is a talented singer and wants to become a successful singer like Elvis Presley, his idol. However his middle class lifestyle does not permit him to choose such a career and his parents hope that he can get a more lucrative job. His passion for singing makes him lose his current job and he wants to look for something that he truly enjoys. Finally he finds employment with a famous club known as Charlie’s Disco.
The club’s competitor Rana, hears Dev singing and wants to hire him but he refuses. Meanwhile one day Rana send shis henchmen to beat up Dev and Charlie’s Disco’s owner. Due to his injuries, Dev is unable to sing. Things turn even more horrific when Dev comes to know that the love of his life Maya is in love with his brother Shiv. The film is directed by Vinod Pande and produced by Biddu. The star cast includes Kumar  ,Raj Kiran, Rati Agnihotri, Saeed Jaffery,A K Hangal,Dina Pathak,Vinod Pande and Bindu