The Unsound

Released On - 08 Feb 2013     1hr 45min
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Dev Oberoi has been healthy and active during most part of his childhood. Suddenly one day he ends up with a severe case of multiple organic psychotic disorders. As a result of the disorder, Dev’s behavior becomes unpredictable and sometimes extremely violent. His life has been like a rollercoaster so far with one failed marriage and an impending divorce.


Dev one day meets an attractive girl called Simran, and is taken aback by her charm and beauty. He flatters his way into her heart and she falls in love with him. Little does she know, that what lies ahead is in no one’s control. Most of Dev’s loved ones have given up on him and the one’s entering his life are taking a huge risk to their physical and as well as mental health.


Joena, who is Dev’s psychiatrist also falls for his charms and they have a one night stand but soon she realizes that something isn’t right. She takes a huge risk by getting involved with him, especially since she is committed with his close friend Dr. Kshitij. The movie is directed by Alok Shrivastava and produced by Pinky Shrivastava and Prakash V Jhaveri. The music is composed by Aslam Keyi.