Tutiya Dil

Released On - 13 Jan 2012     2hr 7min

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Tutiya Dil
Indian Film History

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Rhea Kapoor, played by Suzanne Mukherjee is a happy go lucky and independent girl. However, in the matters of the heart she loses focus and becomes impractical and confused. That’s exactly what happens when she falls in love with her boss Karan Oberoi, played by Nikhil Sabharwal. She is blissfully in love until she finds out that he is two-timing her. Heartbroken she walks away from him, but unable to forget him.


One day when Karan makes a move on her, she doesn’t resist and forgives him just like that. But fate has other plans for the two when she catches him cheating in her again. This time she doesn’t take his non-sense and moves in with her colleague Vishal and his girlfriend. He lets her stay with her while she nurses her broken heart.


While on the road to recovery, Rhea realizes that men probably can never be faithful to one woman and only have sex on their minds. She compares them to the bird species of turkey who are always searching for a new bird to mate. Her mind goes through abnormal thoughts to a point where she needs to see a shrink. The movie is directed by Amit Khanna and produced by Kshitij Chaudhary and KC Productions. The music is composed by Gulraj Singh.