Released On - 18 Oct 2019     2hr 5min

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Rohit Bajaj is a happy go lucky guy, who lives life on his own terms. The only thing in life that he unsure about is his arranged marriage but still decides to go ahead with it, with a positive mindset. He then heads to Mauritius for a little vacation when he meets his old friend Sahil, played by Siddhanth Kapoor and his beautiful wife Zoya, played by Ishita Raj Sharma. The two lovers have a horrible argument and decide to part ways due to incompatibility. He simple says “Talaq Talaq Talaq” and the divorce of Sahil is done with Zoya.


The divorce procedure amuses Rohit. He tries to make sense out of the practice of Halala. In the meantime, Sahil wants to reconcile with Zoya, but since they are divorced, she cannot remarry him according to the Muslim law. She can only remarry him if she marries another man and then divorces him. This ‘other’ man is chose to be Rohit by Sahil as a favor of friendship. Rohit reluctantly agrees to his friend Sahil’s very odd request. This also complicates things in his own life as a result of the favor to his good friend.


The movie is directed by Ovais Khanand produced by Veejay Mulchandani.The star cast includes Subha Rajput, Anita Raj Hinorani and Dalip Tahil.

Website Name Rating Out Of Critic Name Review Link
Times Of India 2 5 Pooja Raisinghani Click Here
Filmfare 2 5 Devesh Sharma Click Here
Glamsham 3 5 Vishal Verma Click Here
Navodaya Times 3.5 5 Navodaya Times Team Click Here
Pune Mirror 1.5 5 Kunal Guha Click Here