The audience globally admires Punjabi Music which is not bound to any geographical boundaries, to which another name is going to be added - MTL Productions. The well-known international business enterprise ‘Maan Traders Limited’ by Gurvinder Maan is now making inroads into the entertainment industry by presenting its four new accomplished talents to the public. Mehvish Dhillon, Deep Aman, Baba Raja, and Deep Mehraj, four up-and-coming singers mesmerised the crowd with their gorgeous and captivating voices while showcasing their forthcoming tracks through the label.

Living legend Babu Singh Maan wrote the lyrics for the songs that the production company will release, and Mr Wow, Birgi Veerz, Sonu Saggu, Lovey Akhtar, Manpreet Singh, and Judge Saab composed the music. Additionally, well-known Masha Ali, Feroz Khan, Naveed Akhtar and Jasmeen Akhtar have also sung for the company and they joined the artists, transforming the evening into a heavenly stage with a groovy atmosphere. The exceptional live on-stage concert added even more allure to this evening of previously unseen Jugalbandi of all the artists.