Dhollywood or Gujarati films have evolved immensely over the years, giving us creative and entertaining content. It has entertained it’s fans with over 1000 films since it’s establishment. 


Another one to be added to that list is the upcoming Film Aasha. It tells the story of a selfless woman who falls in love with her prince charming. Touted to be a Gujarati Urban Movie, it marks the debut of a promising new star Dilip Patel and Gujarat's knowing artist Vimmy Bhat in the titular role. The film is directed by Ashok Karlekar and produced by Amit B Patel under his production house Shree Movie Developers.


Aasha shows us how a woman makes supreme sacrifices throughout her life. As a mother, sister, daughter, wife, her roles keep changing but her selfless love never ends. She takes care of everyone but has no time to live for herself. If she ever even thinks of living only for herself, God’s eyes would be filled up in tears. In spite of all her sacrifices, Aasha does not get the life she so dreams of. She wants to be with her lover Deepak, but destiny plays a cruel game. Both lovers will have to fight all odds and break the shackles of the society to be one forever. 


Aasha also stars Nisarg Trivedi, Komal Panchal, Haresh Dagiya, Mukesh Rao, Mamta Bhavsar, Vidhi Shah, Mehul Bhojak, Sonali Nikam, Jignesh Modi, Pooja Patel, Yamini Joshi, Neel Soni, Ramila Mistri, Mukesh Jani, Khushboo Patel, Ravi Rathod, Miten Raval, Aakash Jhala, Nilesh Brahmbhatt, Kartik Dave, Nikita Sharma, Bharat Patel, Naresh Prajapati, Sarekha Jaiswal, Armaan Soth, Anil Patel, Yatin Jain, Princi Kansara, Trisha Parmar, Sohan Solanki, And Kevin Gandhi. It will have a theatrical release in 30 cities and over 70 theatres across Gujarat on 22nd April 2022.