The upcoming film starring Adhyayan Suman is a never before seen and hardly before attempted contained thriller. The film’s genre is definitely its USP plus the film is said to have been based on true events. The makers have completed the film’s shoot in an incredible 40 day start to finish schedule. Giving us an insight on his experience, lead actor Suman said, “Entrapped has been physically, emotionally and psychologically the most tedious film of my life. Everything about it is crazy and beyond. At that point was going through a lot in my personal life and this filming experience turned out to be cathartic. I am counting on entrapped as my come back vehicle. You will see Adhyayan 2.0 watch out.”


The makers have unveiled the first look of Entrapped and it is gaining a lot of positive comments. The film also stars Sheetal Kale as the leading lady. Speaking of her experience she said, “To get best performance we shot all through the night in a specially made car set that was confined and as close to being locked up in the dark for many hours. It was both exhausting and exhilarating. I hope my efforts and passion reflects on screen and the audience appreciates my performance.” The film is written & directed by Sameer Joshi and produced by NKV Karma Productions Pvt ltd.