"Nagraj Manjule and Makarand Mane, two nationally acclaimed directors known for their powerful artistic creations, have come together for the film 'Baaplyok.' Both these directors have left an indelible mark in the world of cinema by portraying everyday struggles, societal realities, and human emotions in their respective movies. Now, they have joined forces for the Marathi film 'Baaplyok,' which promises to be a unique and impactful experience.

The film revolves around a poignant narrative and requires exceptional performances from talented actors, which have been delivered by the skilled team of Makarand Mane, the director, and Nagraj Manjule, the writer-director. 'Baaplyok' will be presented to the audience on the 25th of August, and it is co-produced by 'Nightin Nine Productions,' represented by Vijay Shinde, and 'Bahuroopi Productions,' represented by Shashank Shende and Makarand Mane.

When discussing the film, Nagraj shares his thoughts, revealing that the story of 'Baaplyok' depicts a timeless bond between a father and his son. It traverses through the ups and downs of life, depicting a successful journey filled with beautiful moments. So far, the journey of the father and son has not been portrayed in such a powerful manner in any film, and Makarand Mane has succeeded in capturing this essence beautifully.

The film's story is written by Viththal Nagnath Kale, and the screenplay and dialogues are the creative collaboration between Makarand Mane and Viththal Nagnath Kale. The soul-stirring music is composed by Vijay Gawande, inspired by the poetic writings of Guru Thakur and Vaibhav Deshmukh. Ajay Gogavale, Anand Shinde, and Abhay Jodhpurkar have lent their melodious voices to the soulful songs. The cinematography is skillfully handled by Yogesh Koli, and the overall art direction is the work of Ashay Ghatade. Piyush Shaha is responsible for sound design, while the costume design is meticulously curated by Anuttama Nayakwadi, and the casting is overseen by Yogesh Nikam. The film's executive producer is Shantanu Gangane, and the line production has been efficiently managed by Bahuroopi Productions.

In conclusion, 'Baplyok' promises to be an emotionally charged cinematic experience, thanks to the brilliant direction of Makarand Mane and the compelling storytelling of Nagaraj Manjule. Their creative synergy has given birth to a remarkable film that will resonate deeply with the audience, making it a must-watch for all cinema enthusiasts."