The upcoming Marathi horror-comedy film Benwad tells the tale of two brothers Sanjya played by Bhalchandra Kadam and Rajya played by Sandeep Pathak. The duo  live in a village named Benwad, which has been cursed. It is now up to the brothers to free the village from this strange curse. The film is written and directed by Sumit Sanghamitra and will premiere on Zee Talkies on 13th February 2022. 


Benwad is the first collaboration between actors Kadam and Pathak. The film also stars Radha Sagar, Krutika Tulaskar, Vijay Nikam, Vijay Patkar, Shubhangi Bhujbal, Rukhmini Sutar, Madhav Abhyankar and Ramesh Wani. After the 2017 Marathi film ‘Zindagi Virat’, Benwad is director Sumit Sanghamitra’s second directorial venture. He is also currently working on the film Lockdown Lagna to be released later this year.