Dushyant Pratap Singh is considered a filmmaker who makes realistic cinema, whose films also have a message. Trahimam is one of the best films of Dushyant Pratap Singh's career. The film is based on a real incident that happened in a village near Kanpur. Arshi Khan deserves to be congratulated for choosing a film like Trahimam for her Bollywood debut, which is a conscious film on the subject of female oppression. This film shows the exploitation of women even in today's era. 


The film shows the era of bloodshed in Rajasthan. Where there is crime, there is a story of criminals, power, corruption, enmity, exploitation. Atrocities have increased beyond limits here and cries of distress are being heard. Actress Arshi Khan plays a laborer named Champa in the film, who works at a brick kiln, but is exploited by the male dominated society and no one supports her in this whole matter. She seems to be defeated by police, MLA, law, but it has been said that when the oppression ends, then some miracle happens.The climax of the film is dangerous which is going to give goosebumps. The film is adorned with excellent performances by Arshi Khan. Pankaj Berry, Sumendra Tiwari, Adi Irani and Ekta Jain have also stunned with their performances. Ekta Jain's work in the role of a lawyer is worth watching. 


Director Dushyant Pratap Singh has presented the film "Trahimam" keeping in mind the subject matter and its seriousness. The dialogues and title song of the film made under the banner of Achaleshwar Films are superb.   


Based on a true incident, Trahimam is worth watching which makes the heart tremble about how long such incidents will continue to happen with women.