The incident involving Armaan Malik slapping Vishal Pandey in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house has brought much attention to the show. In light of this situation, several celebrities such as Gauahar Khan, Elvish Yadav, Aashika Bhatia have shown their support towards Vishal Pandey. Additionally, another interesting turn of events took place during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode where Armaan's first wife Payal Malik made an appearance and disclosed details about Vishal Pandey's comments regarding Kritika Malik. 

Payal Malik having a faceoff with Vishal Pandey on the Bigg Boss Set

A reveal by Payal brought a fierce standoff to life between Armaan and Vishal. The faceoff ended with Malik's hand meeting Pandey’s cheek. Celebrities have been rocked as they took sides with their favourite contestants. The loyal viewers are also left in shock and the incident has led many celebrities to come out in support of Vishal Pandey while condemning Armaan Malik’s act.

Rakhi Sawant has also come in support of Vishal Pandey after he got slapped by Armaan Malik in Bigg Boss OTT 3.

Rakhi Sawant recently took to video to address Vishal's comments regarding Kritika Malik, stating that he did not misspeak when acknowledging her beauty. In response, Sawant voiced that there is no harm in appreciating others, pointing out that violence goes against the rules of the Bigg Boss house and calling for Armaan Malik's immediate eviction. She urged her supporters to stand with Vishal and denounce Armaan's violent actions. Elvish Yadav also shared his perspective on the matter as a keen viewer due to his friend Lovekesh Kataria's involvement in the show. Although he found Vishal's words distasteful, Elvish highlighted non-violent resolutions within the house. 

Elvish Yadav also expressed his opinion on the issue surrounding the Big Boss house

Yadav commented that the use of force is promoted by Bigg Boss and it is not going to help anyone because violence is constantly condoned in the house with power being justified, which only demonstrates an unhealthy model. 

Elvish Yadav, a dedicated viewer of the show due to his friend Lovekesh Kataria's involvement, also expressed his opinion on the controversy. Although he noted that Vishal's comment was distasteful, he stressed the principle of non-violence within the house. 

Yadav mentioned that promoting violence through leverage and justifying it repeatedly within the Bigg Boss house does not set a good precedent. He cited an example of how even in Bigg Boss 17, when Abhishek Kumar slapped Samarth Jurel, the lack of severe punishment for the former didn't deter such actions.

Gauahar Khan and Aashika Bhatia stand by Vishal Pandey over Armaan Malik

Gauahar Khan is the next celebrity contestant who has come out in support of social media influencer Vishal Pandey. The winner of Bigg Boss 7, Gauahar Khan, stated that there is nothing wrong with telling a married woman that she is beautiful.

Baseel Ali and Anjali Arora support Vishal Pandey in the Slap Controversy

Vishal pandey was also backed by Baseer Ali from kundali bhagya, who stated that a husband should not allow his wife to appear on a platform like this if he cannot hear basic appreciation from someone. He said that vishal is fully aware of his presence on national television 24/7 and lock up's anjali arora endorsed vishal pandey and criticized armaan malik's actions. Anjali said armaan is responsible for spreading false information about polygamy in society. She said vishal didn't make any derogatory comments about kritika, he just found her beautiful. Arora said vishal has the freedom to express his emotions just like armaan. Then bigg boss decided to investigate the situation by consulting with deepak chopra Lovekesh Kataria, and Ranvir Shorey's and declared the situation as a special case he didn’t remove Araam Malik from the house but he has been nominated for the whole season.

Armaan Malik Slapped Vishal Pandey in bigg boss 3? 

 Vishal said he was guilty in the show for believing that kritika malik is beautiful. He also proceeded to whisper the same in lovekesh's ears, which upset payal, and when vishal came forward, he responded by saying that he didn't mean badly and only praised kritika malik without any derogatory tone. Armaan was furious with vishal for passing on a comment about his wife and confronted him about his intentions and the conversation turned violent and armaan slapped vishal, causing him to be shocked. Lovekesh quickly held armaan and put him to rest, while sai ketan rao and sana makbul endeavored to soothe vishal. Armaan and vishal got into a verbal fight.