Lately, the Marathi film industry has been experiencing great response from audiences in theatres. In the past 2 years, many Marathi movies have done a record-breaking box office collection. Now yet another blockbuster Marathi movie has been released in theatres. Titled 'Naach Ga Ghuma' this movie made a record-breaking collection on its first day at the box office collection. The movie was released in theatres on 1st May.

Meet the Cast of 'Naach Ga Ghuma'- A Women-Centric Comedy-Drama:

Naach Ga Ghuma is a women-centric comedy-drama that features Mukta Barve, Namrata Sambherao, Sarang Sathey, Sukanya Mone, Supriya Pathare, Sharmistha Raut and child actor Myra Vaikul. The movie is directed by Paresh Mokashi and written by him along with Madhugandha Kulkarni.

Storyline Of Naach Ga Ghuma:

'Naach Ga Ghuma revolves around a fun duo of a woman and her house help. The movie captures the perfect essence of their Tom and Jerry kind of relationship.

1st May Holiday Release Boosts 'Naach Ga Ghuma' Box Office Collection- Earns 2.15 Crore on Day One:

Naach Ga Ghuma was released in theatres on 1st May which was a holiday across Maharashtra. The movie benefited well from the holiday and made an impressive amount of ₹ 2.15 crore on its first day at the box office. As the movie approaches its first weekend a hike in a box office collection is expected.

Marathi movies are doing better business than recently released Bollywood movies is seems quite surprising. Marathi cinema finally getting its audience is a great thing to witness!