Popular Gujarati director Sunny Kumar has given us entertaining films in the past like ‘Padkar- The Challenge,' and 'Jagya Tyar Thi Savar’. He is now all set to give his fans not one but three films back to back, all with different content and interesting ideas non the less. Talking about his film ‘Dhan Dhatudi Patudi’, he said, “It narrates a story about a simple and peaceful village where people stay happily. However, the fun begins when they see a dream of becoming a millionaire overnight. The greediness and confusion to chase the money create fun and brings laughter to the audience. The film has an outstanding star cast that includes, Sanjay Chauhan, Jahnavi Chauhan, Jitendra Thakkar, Chetan Daiya, Hemang Dave, Aakash Zala, Jitu Pandya, Dr. Amit Galani, Ridham Bhatt, Deepa Trivedi, Urvashi Harsora, Bhavesh Nayak to mention a few.”


Speaking of ‘Adako Dadko’ he said, “It is a comedy film that revolves around two friends and their love interest. The film is a complete fun ride with a hilarious plot. With this film, Chetan Daiya has debuted as the writer. This multi starrer film has well-known actors like Sanjay Chauhan, Akshat Irani, Maulika Patel, Anchal Shah, Ragi Jani, Anurag Prapanna, Smita Jaykar, Firoz Irani, Hemang Dave, Chetan Daiya, Akash Zala, Jaimini Trivedi, Jitu Pandya, Jetendra Thakkar, Urmila Solanki, Komal Panchal & Sharmisha Makvana in the pivotal roles. The film is all slated to hit the screens this December 2021.”


Last but not the least Sunny talks of his third movie ‘Lalio NRI’, “I am working on a movie called 'Lalio NRI'. In order to give some spice to the film, the team is shooting in London. Due to C0VID-19, we are following all the shooting protocols of India and London.”