Farrey Receives Positive Reviews: Alizeh's Debut Film Lauded by Industry and Critics:

Alizeh, Zeyn Shaw, Prasanna Bisht, and Sahil Mehta starrer Farrey have been receiving great reviews all across India. The general public is also holding the movie in high regard and calling it a story that today’s youth should watch. The word of mouth around the Soumendra Padhi directorial is very strong and it is only growing by the day. With the movie released, the entire industry as well as film critics are positive about Alizeh’s debut movie. The fresh concept has been praised, and even the performances. 

Public and Celebrities Applaud Farrey: A Must-Watch for Today's Youth:

Many celebs have praised Alizeh for choosing a role that is so intense, and acing it. Her natural personality on screen is what adds to the thrill in Farrey. And not just Alizeh, even Zeyn, Prasanna, and Sahil are being appreciated by many celebrities. Some well-known critics have called Farrey a movie that keeps you hooked till the end.

Trade Expert and Critics Agree: 'Farrey' Offers Rich Content and Compelling Storytelling:

A Trade expert wrote on Twitter (X), that "Farrey is rich in content, it has smart storytelling. Its nail-biting moments and inspiring performances are its biggest strengths. Another critic wrote that Alizeh’s Farrey is the surprise package of the year. Praising Alizeh he also said that her dialogue delivery, expressions, and emotions land perfectly. She is undoubtedly the find of the year."

Other than critics, social media influencers like Mr Faisu, Nagma Mirajkar, Ali Haji, Awez Darbar, Meenakshi Kuwadekar, Sunny Pandey, Vivek Dhadha, and many more have appreciated the film. Sweeping four stars in almost all reviews and praises from all fronts, Farrey has established a strong footing in people’s hearts.

Farrey is directed by national award-winning director Soumendra Padhi and stars Alizeh, Zeyn Shaw, Sahil Mehta, Prasanna Bisht, Ronit B Roy, and Juhi Babbar Soni in pivotal roles. The high-school thriller drama is produced by  Naveen YerneniY Ravi Shankar, Sunir Kheterpal, Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, and Nikhil Namit. Farrey was released in theatres today, 24th November 2023.