The late actor Rajesh Khanna was truly India’s first superstar. The term itself was first used to describe him and caught on with actors thereafter. The man was not even supposed to be in showbiz but he held his own and emerged as one of the finest actors our country has produced with brilliant films like Anand, Aradhana, Kati Patang, Amar Prem and Khamoshi. Fans are eager to see the legendary actor’s life on the big screen as well. Veere Di Wedding producer Nikhil Dwivedi has picked up the rights of the book Dark Star: The Loneliness of Being Rajesh Khanna by Gautam Chintamani to turn it into a film. 


Giving his thoughts on the film, Nikhil said, “I found the book very interesting and the thought of turning it into a film stayed with me all these years. It perfectly encapsulates the man behind the most iconic star our country has seen. There is so much intrigue attached to him. He had a regal personality. His career saw a dip, but he bounced right back. He was not meant to be in the business, but not only did he step into it, but he also conquered it. At no point in his career did he lose that regal aura. There are varied aspects to his personality which have been captured well in the book. The story of Rajesh Khanna’s life should have been told a long time ago. People who really knew him understood what made him so special.” Filmmaker Farah Khan has been approached to direct the film. 


Sharing her thoughts Farah said, “Yes, I have read Gautam’s book and it’s very fascinating. We are in conversation over this, but I cannot comment more.” Nikhil confirms that Khanna’s family will be in the loop. He said, “It’s not something we want to do behind someone’s back and we’re definitely not making something that thrives on controversies and sensationalism. It’s the story of India’s first superstar and we want to capture the magic of his personality and his achievements in the film. A film on his life is long overdue.”