In recent global news, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stirred a wave in the Maldives's tourism by simply dropping images from his visit to Lakshadweep. The scenic and picturesque beauty of Lakshadweep is generating a rise in worldwide search interest. Known for its coral reefs and pristine beaches this Indian beauty has been getting much-deserved attention from tourists after the post of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lakshadweep. The incident has impacted another Tourist location- Maldives.

Prime Minister Modi Brings Back The Boycott Trend:

PM Modi's trip has brought back the 'Boycott' trend on social media. As per the media and reports the outrage began after three ministers from Maldives criticised PM Modi's post featuring the scenic beauty of Lakshadweep. Three lawmakers of the island nation have accused PM Modi of attempting to promote 'Lakshadweep' a better alternative to the island paradise 'Maldives.'

Social Media Outrage Against Maldives:

After the accusation from Maldivian ministers, the social media and tourism industry have witnessed an outrage. Many Indians are sharing their disappointment towards the accusation by Maldivian ministers. Few are even cancelling their planned vacations to the Maldives. 

Indian Citizens Come in Support Of Country's Tourism Celebrities Shares Suggestion:

The citizens of the country have stood strong with PM Modi. Many Indians are claiming to have cancelled their vacation plans to Maldives. They are reportedly favouring and preferring the  alternative destination from their country which is 'Lakshadweep.' Even Bollywood celebrities are being dragged into this chaos as Maldives is many Bollywood celebrity's favourite destination. Many prominent figures such as Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar have come in full support of Indian tourism encouraging people to explore Indian islands such as Lakshadweep and Sindhudurg.

Indian Travel Company Suspends Flights To Maldives:

In other news Indian travel company EaseMyTrip has made a move in this ongoing outrage and decided to to suspend all Maldives flight bookings. co-founder of EaseMyTrip, Prashant Pitti shared his take on the same and said, 'Our company is entirely homegrown and made in India. Amid the row over Maldives MP’s post on PM Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep, we have decided that we will not accept any bookings for Maldives. We want Ayodhya and Lakshadweep to turn out as international destinations.'

Maldives Government And Maldivian Politician Ms Abdulla shares Apology:

Maldivian politician Ms Abdulla has extended a personal apology to the Indian Citizens requesting them to end the #BoycottMaldives campaign on social media. She also hinted towards her contemporaries' remarks and said comments from a few individuals should not define the entire nation's sentiment. The Maldives government have also issued statements acknowledging the outrage and controversy. The statement - 'The Government of Maldives is aware of derogatory remarks on social media platforms against foreign leaders and high-ranking individuals. These opinions are personal and do not represent the views of the Government of Maldives. Moreover, the relevant authorities of the Government will not hesitate to take action against those who make such derogatory remarks.'

Summarising the situation prime Minister Modi had become a sensation by posting pictures from his Lakshadweep vacation. The outrage has surely affected the tourism business in Maldives which is working well in the favour of Lakshadweep.