Vikas Bahl is back with his stellar direction skills with Shaitaan. The movie has been released in theatres today and is receiving positive reviews. Shaitaan features Ajay Devgn, R Madhavan and Jyothika. It is a supernatural thriller with a great mix of high-octane drama.

Let's review the 'release of the day Shaitaan'

Synopsis of 'Shaitaan' Directed by Vikas Bahl: 

The plot of the movie revolves around a happy family of 4. This family is on their way to a farmhouse where they come across a man named 'Vanraj' played by R Madhavan. They meet this man on a dhaba where they stop to have breakfast. During this interaction, Vanraj offers a poisonous sweet to Janvhi played by Janki Bodiwala. The story takes a turn when the real face of Vanraj is revealed. As the family leaves from dhaba and heads towards their farmhouse Vanraj follows them and forcefully enters their farmhouse. Soon after that, he starts to control Janvhi and makes her do dangerous things. The climax of the movie reveals how a family is being saved from the psychopath Vanraj.

The Essence of 'Shaitaan': Realism Meets Suspense in Bollywood:

Shaitaan is not like over exaggerated and unreal Bollywood supernatural movie. This movie brings out the best storyline and top performances on screen with noteworthy direction by Vikas Bahl. The suspense in the movie is well-built and succeeds in keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. The part where the family is having joyful moments and quality time since very heartwarming to watch on screen. Moving on to the climax of the movie it is up to the mark and leaves the audience with the feeling of being both scared and entertained at the same time. One of the elements from the movie which enhances its representation on screen is the background music. Also, the visuals where the atmosphere of fear is being showcased are done very well.

Strengths and Weaknesses in Vikas Bahl's Supernatural Thriller:

Just like how a coin has two sides with all the other good things Shaitaan has few loopholes. although the movie is shorter than the typical runtime of Bollywood releases at some point it gets a bit slow and dull which can lead the audience to lose interest from the climax.    

Cast Performance: R Madhavan and Janki Bodiwala Shine in 'Shaitaan':

The performances by the cast are one of the key elements why Shaitaan can be a solid supernatural thriller. R Madhavan delivers a complete psychopath and evil man who can go to any extent. One who shines the most in the movie After R Madhavan is Janki Bodiwala who plays the character of Janhvi. She has delivered of performance which should be noted and praised. Moving on to Ajay Devgn he does the role of family man very well. Jyothika plays the role of mother convincingly.

Direction by Vikas Bahl is what blends all the good elements very smoothly. The movie is out in theatres near you! Give it a watch and share your reviews with us.