Composer Salim Merchant, who is instrumental for the writer duo Salim-Sulaiman, has revealed that he will distribute the recorded tune with late artist Sidhu Moosewala. The song titled 'Jandi Vaar' featuring Afsana Khan is expected to be delivered on September 2. In a video shared by the author on Instagram, Merchant shared why he was giving a recorded tune with Moosewala. His post expressed how the upcoming tune is a hallmark for the singer who was shot dead in Punjab in May. He shared, "A piece of the return will go to Sidhu's loved ones. You can get an excerpt from the tune by visiting"

The song was recorded in Chandigarh around July 2021. The merchant mentions how he met Moosewala through Afsana Khan and the merchant was impressed by Moosewala's enthusiasm for his craft and the local area.