Bollywood’s interest when it comes to mythology and epic ancient tales, has been high. With that sadly comes a sleuth of unavoidable controversies too. Considering it has a religious tag attached to it, it is is bound to ruffle a few feathers of certain people. The same has now happened with the upcoming film that was previously titled Raavan Leela but due to high demand and requests has been changed to ‘Bhavai’. The film will mark the Hindi feature film debut of Scam 1992 actor Pratik Gandhi as a lead. 


Speaking on the title change, Gandhi opines, “We aren’t showing any interpretation of Ram or Ravan in the film. The film is not at all about it. That’s why the team thought that if sentiments of a certain section of the society are hurt, we don’t mind changing the name if that satisfies them. But I’m sure that’s not the answer to the broader question. We changed the name, but will that solve anything?” The film is directed by Hardik Gajjar and also stars Aindrita Ray, Rajendra Gupta, Rajesh Sharma, and Abhimanyu Singh in crucial roles and will release theatrically on October 1.