Suvrat Joshi, famed for his role in the web series "Taali," is currently the talk of the town. Active on social media, Joshi consistently shares his unabashed opinions with his followers. His recent post, which includes a video of a vegetable market in Bangkok, has sparked widespread discussion.

In his post, Joshi states, "Whether it's London or any other place, local markets have a special place in my heart. While many are captivated by bags, watches, and perfumes, I'm drawn to local produce—fruits, spices, and flowers. No matter how famous I get, I'll always find my way to a local vegetable market. While others might invest in yachts and mansions, I might just start my own vegetable market."

Joshi elaborates, "Visiting local markets gives you an insight into the local culture and food habits that you can't get from tourist blogs. India may be unparalleled when it comes to vegetarian cuisine, but it's not the only place where food is consumed in traditional ways. A lot of myths have been spread about non-vegetarian diets here."

In the closing remarks of his post, Joshi observes, "Vegetarianism is great, but the notion that eating certain meats leads to moral degradation is unfounded. How come countries where meat is a staple appear to be more peaceful and well-mannered compared to us? Bhutan is a prime example. True spiritual progress requires freeing oneself from fear, shame, and disgust. Trying foods from different cultures has certainly challenged my prejudices and lessened my fear, shame, or disgust. In that sense, whether I'm buying vegetables or trying out insects, it's a spiritual experience for me."