In exciting news for music enthusiasts, T-Series has joined hands with award-winning musician, composer and Sitarist Imran Khan for Song Craft Season 1. This show will bring together some of the Nation's most successful and talented singers. 

Song Craft Season 1- A Musical Celebration Featuring India's 10 Finest Singers with Imran Khan:

Song Craft Season 1 will be released on 23rd February 2024, the series features 10 beautiful songs all written and composed by iconic Imran Khan and sung by legendary singers such as Hariharan, Javed Ali, Rekha Bhardwaj, Sanam Marvi, Mame Khan, Vijay Prakash, Swaroop Khan, Anusha Mani, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Samarpit Golani, Anandi Joshi. 

Imran Khan's Musical Journey- Bringing Indian Classical Music to the World Stage:

The backbone of this exciting show 'Song Craft Season 1' Imran Khan, has travelled around the world to put Indian classical music on the World map. He has performed and collaborated with internationally known and respected musicians. This project focuses on music with live orchestration in the era of computer-generated loops and sound. Bringing together some of the finest musicians and singers of India, this show consists of 10 videos that are shot in different locations of India and portrays the rich heritage and culture of the country. Around 300 artists have come together to convert this project into reality. This is the first musical season of 'Song Craft'. Imran Khan looks forward to creating a new season every year and making more incredible and original music with new concepts. 

Other than the talented singers in the Song Craft project, Khan receives support from arranger Samarpit Golani, saaz and rabab artist Tapas Roy, sarangi performers Dilshad Khan and Sabir Khan, bassist Akashdeep Gogoi, drummer Lindsey Dmello, rhythm arranger Ishteyak Khan, guitarist Abhilash Phukan, and the Bombay String Ensemble, contributing to the project.