Watch Out For These Most Anticipated Gujarati Entertainers In 2023

Watch Out For These Most Anticipated Gujarati Entertainers In 2023

Gujarati cinema has been growing exponentially in the last decade and family-friendly, multi-genre, content-driven, musical entertainers are winning both critical acclaim and the box-office. Here are four such eagerly-awaited films which promise to entertain a pan-Indian audience in 2023. 

Tron Ekka

This situational comedy produced by well-known producer Anand Pandit, is also a social satire on the 'get rich quick' tendency of the youth and depicts  the trials and tribulations of three friends  who are stuck in a financial crisis and decide  to turn a middle-class home into a secret gambling den. As expected, one wrong step leads to many others and multiple mishaps pilie up to enmesh three lives in a comedy of errors. Directed by Rajesh Sharma, the film stars  Yash Soni, Malhar Thakar, Mitra Gadhvi, Hitu Kanodiya, Kinjal Rajpriya, Esha Kansara, Tarjanee Bhadla, Chetan Daiya and Prem Gadhvi. The release date is yet to be announced.

Shubh Yatra

 Produced by Rowdy Pictures, 'Shubh Yatra' seems to be a slice-of-life comedy about the misadventures of Mohan Patel, an ambitious youth from Chanasma Patan, Gujarat who is advised by an agent to lie about his marital status in his Visa application. When the application  is rejected, he finds himself caught in a crisis of his own making.'Shubh Yatra', is directed by Manish Saini and stars Malhar Thakkar, Monal Gujjar, Darshan Jariwalla, Hitu Kanodia, Archan Trivedi, Hemin Trivedi, Magan Luhar, Sunil Vishrani and Jay Bhatt in important roles. The film is all set to hit the big screen on April 28. 

Gujjubhai 3

After the  success of 'Gujjubhai: The Great' and 'Gujjubhai:Most Wanted' , arrives 'Gujjubhai 3' which is the third film in the franchise that fans have been steadfastly in love with.   Ishaan Randeria who directed the first two blockbusters will also direct 'Gujjubhai 3' and promises to regale not just the admirers of the franchise but audiences looking for an entertaining laugh riot. The film is produced by Devendra N. Patel. It stars Siddharth Randeria and Jimit Trivedi and its release date is yet to be announced.