Hasanpreet Kaur, who plays the lead character Keerat in Zee Punjabi show Dilan De Rishtey, is stepping up beyond the screen to endorse environmental conservation this World Earth Day. With a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, Hasanpreet shares ideas on how individuals can contribute to preserving planet Earth.

Simple Steps for a Greener Earth- Hasanpreet Kaur's Earth Day Message:

In her compelling statement, Hasanpreet Kaur who is playing the lead role of Keerat, shares, 'Earth is not just our home; it's our responsibility. On this World Earth Day, let's pledge to take concrete actions towards safeguarding our environment. Simple practices like reducing plastic usage, conserving water and energy, and opting for eco-friendly alternatives can collectively make a significant impact. Planting trees, supporting local biodiversity, and advocating for sustainable practices are vital steps in nurturing a greener, healthier planet for future generations.'

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