Marriage is considered a sacred ceremony in Indian culture. It is not only the union of two souls, but also the union of kinship ties that surround them. But when it comes to wedding ceremony, honor and shame also come. There is no such thing as who, when and from where will make a mess in the marriage. Therefore, lovers who are in love with each other are constantly in fear until they get married A bit like that, our beloved actor Paddy Kamble is seen running after a bit of a scare. He is worried about his new marriage.

He is quite frightened by the commotion of his relatives and their sarcastic bluster. He is very worried about his marriage. Due to this fear, he has taken the next step and decided to climb the Bohla on November 11 with the help of popular actor and social worker Makarand Anaspure and famous comedian director Vijay Patkar. All the financial burden of this wedding along with the honorarium of 'Varhadi Vajantri' has been happily borne by Atul Rajaramsheth Ohal along with Captain Kalpesh Ravindra Magar by Swaraj Film Production.