In the upcoming week, the audience will receive an exciting dose of entertainment from the Punjabi TV channel Zee Punjabi. The popular shows on the channel are coming up with full of excitement and various twists and turns.

Shivika's Dilemma In Shivika-Sath Yugan Yugan Da- Can She Impress Ishaan's Friend Kiara from England?:

In 'Shivika-Sath Yugan Yugan Da,' Shivika worries about Ishaan's old friend Kiara coming to visit from England, on the other hand,  Divyana gives Shivika a chance to prove herself suitable for Ishaan by doing maha aarti holding diya's on her palms.

Dilan De Rishtey Drama- Sartaj's Heartbreak As Keerat Says No, Sets Engagement with Ammy:

The another loved show of Zee Punjabi 'Dilan De Rishtey' viewers witnessed how Sartaj proposed to Keerat but she refused him, now Sartaj learns that Keerat is going to become engaged to Ammy.

Sehajveer's Heroics: Mehar and Jassi Confront Thieves, Sehaj Saves the Day:

Meanwhile, in 'Sehajveer,' Mehar and Jassi confront goons in the market who steal their family's jewellery. Sehaj jumps into action, battling the thieves to retrieve the precious items, showcasing bravery and valour.

Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer's Emotional Turn: Dadi's Prayers for DJ's Marriage Come True:

Lastly, Heer Tey Tedhi Kheer the recently released show takes an emotional turn as Dadi prays for DJ to find a suitable wife. Symbolically, DJ and Heer find themselves in a Gurudwara, taking sacred vows with Heer's dupatta entwined with DJ's kurta, reminiscent of a Gathbandhan. Simultaneously, the Bahus embark on a quest to find their elusive mother-in-law.

Catch all the drama and excitement unfolding on ZEE Punjabi from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm, Mon-Satpromising a week filled with gripping storylines and unforgettable moments.