Actor Arjun Rampal gearing up for his upcoming film, ' Daddy'

Mar 24, 2017 - 06:51 hrs IST
Actor Arjun Rampal gearing up for his upcoming film, ' Daddy'

The National Award winning actor Arjun Rampal might land up in jail if he reveals more about the research done on the gangster Arun Gawli who is behind bars . The 44 year old actor is gearing up for his upcoming film,' Daddy '

The ' Rock On ' star describes that making this kind of a film hasn't been easy at all as they had to get rights and permission from the family to make a film and explain to them, convince them that we were not propagating his character. The team also had to meet up the gangster in person, Arun Gawli who had come out on parole and the film definitely does not want to portray him as a hero. Arun Gawli was asked to tell his version of the story the way it is.

Basically the film is about a common man who can go to any level just to survive and if the person wants to bring about a change does our system allow them to do so which this film will capture on the celluloid.

Arjun Rampal is the co-writer for the script for the first time for this film and is hoping to get a clearance from the CBFC. He expressed that when he started work on this he wasn't worried but now that people are talking about it, he is a little concerned.

If all goes well , 'Daddy' is slated for its release in July this year. Besides Arjun Rampal , his co-star is Farhan Akhtar portraying the role of Dawood Ibrahim.