Actor Hrithik Roshan received a surprise Thank You Note from an impaired Man Rohan Bhatnagar after the success of his film, ' Kaabil'

Mar 23, 2017 - 04:12 hrs IST
Actor Hrithik Roshan received a surprise Thank You Note from an impaired Man Rohan Bhatnagar after the success of his film, ' Kaabil'

Actor Hrithik Roshan known for his diversified roles in every film that he has played in Bollywood which have been original from the rest. He has so far portrayed the eponymous superhero in Krrish, that improved his prospects in 2003 or his role as a mentally disabled teenager in his father's science fiction film, Koi Mil Gaya which earned Hrithik the Best Actor Award, a thief in Dhoom 2 and a Mughal Emperor Akbar in Jodhaa Akbar or the Quadriplegic magician in Guzaarish.With every character he played he has won the hearts of the audience and has been Bollywood's hearthrobe for the last 15 years.

However in the film, ' Kaabil ', Hrithik Roshan has played the role of a visually impaired Man Rohan Bhatnagar for which he received a handwritten letter from a boy whose actual name is Rohan Bhatnagar. A young college student from Ranchi has expressed his gratitude to the star for having made his very common name so famous and special . The letter said he felt the change in the way people around him reacted to his name and thanked the star for making him popular.

Hrithik has received fan mails, appreciation letters but this letter touched the Actor to the core and says its a very special letter that will remain with him forever.

The role of Rohan Bhatnagar signifies so much of love in the character that people are actually reaching out to him in this manner and that it not only touches their lives but also his, which gives an actor a great satisfaction. Hrithik's Role as Rohan Bhatnagar in ' Kaabil  '  has won him accolades and it also contributed to the film's success.

Take a look at the letter by Rohan Bhatnagar:

Dear Hrithik,

My name is Rohan Bhatnagar and I am a student from Ranchi. Yes, I am a real Rohan Bhatnagar.

Let me clarify that I am not your fan. I see Hindi movies regularly and so do my family and friends. But this letter, if it ever reaches to you, is to thank you for something that you have unknowingly done for me.

Since childhood I wished that my name was something else and not just a Rohan Bhatnagar. The fact that it's too common place was shared by almost everyone around me except for my parents who could hardly care about this feeling of mine. My special friend who loves me a lot and vice versa also once admitted that my name is boring. My friends usually call me Bhatnagar and I always wished that they stopped doing that.

But since this January things have changed. Whenever my full name is being called there are smiles on people faces. And yes my special friend too now seems to like it. It's become something special about me that I am called Rohan Bhatnagar, name of the character that you played in 'Kaabil'.

Everyone around me has loved this character and a part of that love is coming my way too.

Thanks for making my name special

Rohan Bhatnagar