Dharavi slum children to enter the Hindi Film Industry .

Jun 19, 2017 - 05:50 hrs IST
Dharavi slum children to enter the Hindi Film Industry .

31 year old Razik Siddique is nurturing the Dharavi slum children to enter the Hindi Film Industry with guidance from his coach Baburao Ladsaheb.

In a windowless room we hear Lights Camera Action ... Dharavi's acting school comes alive with the guidance of the coach Baburao Ladsaheb who is helping to nurture a dream of a 31 year old Razik Siddique who aspires to be the Bollywood star soon.

Baburao Ladsaheb a skinny 50 year old man wears a red shirt and a colourful cam and teaches the low income strata of the society with the fine tune of acting, dancing performing stunts and recreating dramatic scenes for a small fee of Rs. 450 per month. An amount which is a fraction of what reputed institutes that are run by the Bollywood veterans.

Ladsaheb's institute called the ' Five Star Acting and Dancing Institute' is a perfect blend for the talented youngsters from the slums to work on their skills in dancing acting, drama etc to gain an entry into the films in supporting roles. Some of the students from his institute worked in Danny Boyle's 2008 Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire , Amitabh Bachchan's superhit film Paa and also will be starring in Beyond the Clouds an upcoming film by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.

Ladsaheb says as a young man he struggled in his heydays to find very little support which prompted him to start this low budget institute. He says these kids can never be able to afford the Anupam Kher's Actor Prepares or Subhash Ghai's Whistling Woods . His students include kids starting from the age of 6 to an adult. His film in Marathi cinema Baburao Mhantoya Mithya Maruya in which he played the 11 onscreen roles and handled various tasks like production, direction , editing etc adorns the wall of his institute . The film didn't do too well but he is proud of his achievement , the film that deals with religion and unity which was entirely shot in Dharavi that sends a message across that good artists can rise from anywhere even the slums.

A montage of successful alumni is framed on the walls of his former students and as we go closer to the institute we hear .. '1...2...3..4 twirl around and shake your head..... students dancing to the popular tunes from Bollywood with matching steps as Ladsaheb leads them . Ladsaheb expresses that youngsters need to be more dedicated to take up arts if they decide to enter films as temptation and easy money derails them and they land up in dance bars and give up acting .

Many aspiring and interested Bollywood crazy starlets and newbies would like to venture out to posh suburban areas of Mumbai to learn the skills to enter the filmline and not many would take on to the Dharavi slum area, but for many Ladsaheb is the only mentor through whom they can trust to fulfil their dreams .

The 31 year old Razik who copies Salman Khan's mannerisms and hairstyle from the later's film Tere Naam is a driver but with a dream to be a hero and act in films. Having got trained under Ladsaheb, he aspires big.