Gujarati film, ' Superstar' to be remade in Hindi after its success.

Mar 22, 2017 - 10:14 hrs IST
Gujarati film, ' Superstar' to be remade in Hindi after its success.

Weeks after the Gujarati film, 'Superstar' has been a grand success and worked magic at the box office, the film will also be remade in Hindi and released in Mumbai soon. The leading actor of the Gujarati film Dhruvin Shah will also be reprising in the role in the Hindi version. Also starring in the Hindi version is Rashami Desai and the film is directed by Bhavin Wadia and produced by Dhruvin Shah's father Dakshesh Shah.

The Gujarati film, ' Superstar' has been much appreciated by the critics in Gujarat and is running houseful for its 7th week after its release. The makers of the film are hoping to reach a wider segment of audience and therefore want to release it in Mumbai on Friday where a good number of population is Gujarati.

Sundeep Sidhwani the producer of the remake of the film in Hindi under the Dreamz Craft Motion Pictures was all praise for actor Dhruvin's performance in the Gujarati film . A trained actor from New York has given a matured performance in the dramatic film . The producer is very excited to launch him in Bollywood. The Hindi script will be ready and the film will be completed shortly to impress the Bollywood Movie buffs as well.

With the Gujarati film doing a remake in Hindi it goes to prove that Gujarati films are now entering the Bollywood industry and a phase where many more filmmakers will follow the trend.
Superstar film is a thriller film with a mix of romance, drama with a gripping suspense storyline and keeps the audience curiosity till the end.

Rashami an established Television star has done expected justice to her character with debutant Dhruvin who has stolen the show as a Superstar.

The film is supported with good music by Parth Thakkar and voice lent by Armaan Malik and Shekhar Raviani. Overall Superstar is a star film that will keep the audience interested every moment.