Jihad the film on Kashmir Issue will be released worldwide this year.

Jun 17, 2017 - 11:02 hrs IST
Jihad the film on Kashmir Issue will be released worldwide this year.

International singer turned actor Alfeeya has already bagged the NRI Achiever's reception in the film industry. She won the award for her performance in the upcoming film 'Jihaad' which is produced by Hyder Kazmi and directed by Rakesh Parmaar. Hyder Kazmi is also starring as the hero along with Alfeeya in the film.

The film slated for its release later this year is to be screened worldwide and is already doing rounds at the various Indian and International film festivals.

The film is a concept that deals with terrorism affecting the whole world and through the film the audience will see that 'Jihaad' does not necessarily mean killing of the innocents.. The way people have taken the word wrongly . Infact it's a spiritual struggle with oneself and the film will make the world understand the meaning better and dwell upon the reason why young men take to guns.

The shooting was spread out with shots taken in Kashmir close to LOC and actually witnessed the dangerous areas and the clashes between the army and militants. The film will also portray that Kashmiri Citizens are no different from his fellow citizens from Delhi or Mumbai . The entire film is focused on the Kashmir beauty and a story that is caught between the political and economical issues.

This Dubai born girl is more open to main stream roles in Bollywood and hopes to even be a part of Hollywood in future.