Look who's behind the successful woman Vidya Balan .

Jun 24, 2017 - 12:09 hrs IST
Look who's behind the successful woman Vidya Balan .

We have heard this age old saying... ' Behind every successful man is a woman' however this takes around and behind a successful woman could also be a man and not necessarily a partner or a boyfriend or husband. This time it's a father who stood tall and strong behind the very successful actress Vidya Balan.  An ambitious , happy  father and proud of her success.

 A story that needs to be brought forefront in reference  to the campaign (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) an initiative to gender awareness.  Vidya Balan opened out on her story.

 A father who had two daughters . Vidya and her sister who had to undergo tremendous pressure from his family for a male child but her father stood his ground and argued why should he treat girls differently?

 A video of Vidya's father P.R Balan said he didn't need a son to make him proud.  The film with Vidya's inspirational father in lieu of the MARD Campaign was a perfect one to release on the father's day.   Another film has been shot with Sania Mirza and her father too.  The incredible stories of fathers with their daughters  that need to be told and made popular.

 Even within the film industry female stars have reached the heights even before the male actors have.  We see  new crop or the new breed of female stars joining the film industry following the footsteps of their successful parents in Bollywood.    

Most of the roles these days are written with woman as the focal point of the story and so many films have been released in the recent times.  It hardly seems a challenge now to go for a thriving career being a woman in films despite, marriage, kids  and its only a mental block that people have that when the actress is married has kids she loses her charm or her position. 

 World is changing now and the global importance is on women of today and Bollywood is no different.  The likes of Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan have not only had a flourishing career in Bollywood but are creating ripples and waves in the International circuit as well.

 The time has come for the major change for us to perceive the female stars as pivotal as their counterpart male leading actors.